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Let Oxi-Thyme help you meet state and local requirements to protect your staff, your patrons & your community with our DIY no-touch disinfecting & sanitizing system.

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The next generation in responsible virus protection & disinfecting.

Oxi-thyme’s EPA registered formula will not only save you time on your anti-viral & disinfectant application it will also save you money.

Will I need to close my business?

No, it is recommended that application be completed outside of normal business hours.

Is there a chemical odor?

No, you are left with a fresh a herbaceous scent of Thyme, Lavender, and Eucalyptus.

How long does it to dry?

Our product is released in a 20 micron fine mist so the drying time is extremely fast. In fact, our drying time is significantly faster than our competitors formula. Our product normally dries before the technician leaves the job site. 

How long is the process?

The fogging process is relatively quick and highly effective. Application can be done in under 30 minutes depending upon the size of the area.

Can I drive my vehicle afterwards?

Yes, the fogging process is quick and effective. Our product is released in a fine mist. However, we suggest waiting at least 10 minutes before operating your vehicle.